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AstroBruins Team 19819

Dream. Build. Inspire.
About Us
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About Us 

The AstroBruins Robotics Team (19819) is based at the Santa Clara High School’s 49ers STEM Leadership Institute. Our mission is to create an inclusive, diverse, world-class team that is able to cooperate efficiently and productively to make an innovative, top of the line robot. After a successful season last year, we are looking forward to this year’s challenge!


Within our team, there are established sub-groups which specialize in different tasks that maximize our collective efficiency and productivity. All members are part of multiple subgroups which fosters an environment where everyone is able to grow and glow. 


We hope to use the opportunities presented to us by FIRST to the fullest extent and inspire fellow students with similar interests. FTC was initially a chance to try something new and different and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Our Motto: Dream. Build. Inspire.

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Awards and Nominations 

FREIGHT FRENZY (2021-2022)
  • Design Award 3rd place at NorCal Regionals (Nomination)

  • Inspire Award (Award Received)

ULTIMATE GOAL (2020-2021)
  • Connect Award 2nd Place at NorCal Regionals

  • Inspire Award 2nd Place


  • Connect Award 1st Place

  • Motivate Award 2nd Place

  • Inspire Award & World Finalist at NorCal Regionals

       (Award Received)

  • Finalist Alliance Captain (Award Received)

  • Control Award
    (Award Received)

  • Connect Award 2nd Place (Nomination)

  • Winning Alliance Captain
    (Award Received)

  • Innovate Award
    (Award Received)

  • Inspire Award 2nd Place

  • Control Award 2nd Place

  • Motivate Award 2nd Place

  • Design Award 3rd Place

ROVER RUCKUS (2018-2019)
  • Motivate Award 2nd Place (Nomination) 

  • Design Award 2nd Place (Nomination)

  • Rockwell Collins Innovate Award 2nd Place (Nomination) 

  • Connect Award 2nd Place (Nomination) 

  • Think Award 3rd Place (Nomination)

  • Winning Alliance 1st Pick (Award Received) 

  • Inspire Award (Award Received) 

Our tem

Our Team

Within our team, there are established sub-groups that specialize in different tasks that maximize our collective efficiency and productivity. Members are not restricted to one leading subgroup. In fact, many members overlap within these subgroups. We are all responsible for what our team achieves and do our work with this belief in mind. Our team is working towards the same goal, and by putting the concept of sub-teams in place, we are expediting our progress toward that goal and improving the quality of our work. 

Robot design and build

Caitlin | Noah | Romina | Ryan | Saharsh | Sarah | Serena | Vihaan | Vikram

Robot design and build
Robot Build

This team leads robot-building sessions, devises gaming strategies, creates new robot mechanisms, prototypes the robot and its functions and parts, and communicates continuously with the Programming team to have the robot function coalesced with the developed code.

Aidan | Bien | Diya | Jeremy | Saharsh | Serena | Vihaan | Vikram | Yash


This team develops code, runs controlled trials with the robot to ensure it is functioning at maximum efficiency, monitors and records trial results with the intent to enhance the robot's overall efficiency, keeps a detailed understanding of the game's point system, keeps track of competition rules, and leads bug fixing efforts.

Robot Design

Caitlin | Romina | Ryan | Saharsh | Sarah | Serena | Vihaan | Vikram

This team handles the ordering of team goods and robot parts, manages the team's budget, creates business plans, researches and follows up on sponsorship opportunities, and works with sponsors to be accurately represented by the team.

Bien | Diya | Ein | Romina | Ryan | Sarah | Jeremy | Vikram | Yash


This team documents all team meetings, logs the work of each sub-team into our journal, manages our engineering journal's overall organization and maintains a detailed record of all critical team decisions. This team maintains a technical and non-technical journal to ensure that all aspects of the group are well-documented.


Aidan | Bien | Diya | Ein | Jeremy | Romina | Ryan | Saharsh | Sarah | Vihaan | Vikram | Yash

This team focuses on opportunities related to the community, researching opportunities to advocate STEM core values, spreading FIRST ideals, creating community outreach plans, and coordinating events with communities, companies, teams, and other groups.

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How we connect

How We Connect 


We host workshops and volunteer at FLL and FTC events!


With other Teams

We offer our space, our tools, and our experience to assist other teams!


Within the Community

We provide demonstrations to showcase FIRST robotics at local events, schools, libraries, and other community events!


With Professionals

We meet with local professionals to increase our knowledge and explore opportunities for the future!


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